Winter dreams in a roasting hot summer

A roasting hot summer in Jokkmokk with +27 C in the shadow.
The summer proceeds with some shorter canoe tours, kennel visits and with people renting canoes and kayaks from us. Today a solo travelling guy rented a canoe for a two weeks canoe adventure in lake Karats. Two weeks to enjoy the silence and peacefulness of the forests and mountains. We hope he gets a nice tour.
Stina spends most of her time building new dog houses for the huskies. The dogs get fully insulated two floor dog house castles! You can see some pictures on our Facebook site.
Me myself is dreaming about the winter. I have edited a film from the tour Crossing Lapland with dog sled from 2009. During the coming winter season we have two departures on this tour.
Enjoy the movie and welcome to book your dog sled adventure! Soon it’s winter…

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