Hiking tour with students from Uppsala
Sunset behinde the mountains of Sarek National Park.

Every year we arrange an annual short mountain hike for the students at Uppsala International Summer Session (UISS).
UISS offers summer courses for people from all over the world. During some intense weeks the students study the Swedish language.
The students also get the opportunity to participate in different outings, and the hiking tour in Lapland is one of them.
We started the tour with a boat ride over the river Kamajokk. On the other side we got welcomed by the mosquitoes and light shower of rain. The hike started with a long uphill and when we had reached the treeline and the bare mountain we set our camp.
The next day we took us up to Vallespiken where we had a clear view into Sarek National Park. The clear blue sky and the broiling sun made the short passage over a snowfield very appreciated.
The third and last day we walked down to Kvikkjokk again and took the bus to Jokkmokk and Skabram Camping where hot showers and a dinner with reindeer and potatoes awaited us.
A beautiful tour with positive and nice students as usual!

/ Matti

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