Another Winter in Lapland has passed

Another winter in Lapland has passed. A winter with lots of dog sledding, winter camping, campfires, and nice guests from all over the world.
More or less, everything has been good this season. We didn’t get any super cold periods with temperatures down to -45 C, we only got -35 C a few times as coldest and that makes a difference when you work outdoors.
The huskies have been doing fine and we got really nice and easy-going guests on the tours. Things that make life easier up here in the north.

We also got a new group tent with a wood stove for our longer camping trips. This hot tent was a game-changer this winter. It’s a big dome tent with a wood stove so we can dry gloves, and clothes that have become damp during the day. It’s also really nice to sit around a warm and sparkling woodstove while eating dinner or drinking morning coffee.
If you check out our YouTube channel you will find videos from our longer dog sledding trips. We are still editing a lot of the footage from this season and will release these videos during the summer, mixed with up-to-date videos from the summer.


For you who are waiting for new dates for next winter season. They will come out soon! The next winter’s dog sled tours will be similar to this season and we hope to meet both returning guests as well as new enthusiastic guests.

Matti & Stina and all the dogs

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