Hiking tour in Padjelanta National Park
Helicopter in Staloluokta.

After Matti’s and Ruth’s kayak adventure it was my time to show her our beautiful mountains.
On Sunday we took the car to Kvikkjokk to make a 3 day hiking tour in one our fantastic National Parks, Padjelanta.
Since Ruth didn’t have so much time we flew helicopter with Lapplandsflyg from Kvikkjokk in to Staloluokta by the great lake Virihaure (don’t mix up with Saltoluokta).
After 20 minutes of a wonderful helicopter ride we where in the middle of Padjelanta and just by the mountain cabin of Staloluokta.
We spent the days by making day tours and spent the nights in the comfortable cabin. One day we walked south on the trail called Nordkalottleden towards Staddajåkkå and another day we walked north to Arasluokta. These two parts of the trail shows two different types of landscape, both very beautiful but very different from each other.
Our plan was to stay from Sunday to Tuesday. But on Tuesday there was thick fog in Kvikkjokk and they couldn’t take off with the helicopters during the whole day. So there was nothing else to do then to enjoy the extra day up in one of Sweden’s most beautiful areas.


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