Kayaking in Lapland
Midnight sun from the kayak is fantastic.

Some days ago we got an inquiry from a guest at the hotel if we could arrange a safari for only her.
So, together with her we planned for a 3 days kayaking tour in the Pärlälvens (Pearl river) Nature Reserve and a 3 days hiking tour in Padjelanta National Park. The best of Lapland in 6 days!
So, on Wednesday I and Ruth headed west to the lake Karats with two kayaks on the car trailer. We got three lovely days with paddling in a fantastic virgin forest and low mountain area. The weather gods gave us a multi show with sunshine, wind, thunder and rain. We had long interesting philosophic discussions about everything such as politics, food, nature, history and economy etc. Very interesting and I hope we meet again.
To go by kayak or canoe in Lapland is a wonderful way to transport. You get rid of the mosquitoes out on the water and you can bring good food also fresh food. You can store the marinated meat, the butter and the cheese in the front of the kayak where it will stay cool while you are paddling. Another good thing is that you don’t have to carry a heavy backpack.
A canoe or kayak vacation in Lapland is highly recommended!
/ Matti

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