Mountain hike along the Padjelanta trail
Marianne along the Padjelanta Trail.

Our hiking tour starts when the helicopter takes off from Kvikkjokk and flies west along the Tarravalley and the south part of Padjelanta trail. Underneath us runs the Tarrarivers water like a winding snake. Closer to Staloluokta we can see an elk grazing out on a bog.
With me are Marianne and Roland who were with me on the dogsled tour “With dog sled to the gate of Sarek National Park” in March this year. Read more about their winter adventure.
When we arrive in Staloluokta we check in at the cabin and then go for a walk in the beautiful surroundings.
The next day we start our hike north along the Padjelanta hiking trail. We spend the nights in Arasluokta, Låddejåhk, Kisuris and the last night in STF’s Akka cabin. The cabins in Padjelanta National Park are run by Badjelánnda Laponia Turism. In all the cabins we greets by nice cabin hosts and other happy hikers.
The Padjelanta hike tour this year gave us many reindeers, two elks, birds, flowers and a little bit of snow the last day of August.

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