Jokkmokk Winter Market 2010

Jokkmokk Winter Market 2010 is approaching. The whole village is starting to prepare, the snow removes from the streets for the market stalls and people discuss in the supermarket about the forthcoming market, the reindeer soup and the dances etc.

Jokkmokk Winter Market
All of us who work to make a great week for you visitors, hotel staff, dog sled guides, igloo builders, ski guides and snowmobile guides etc. are now starting to prepare. The trails get groomed, tent tipi’s rises, fire wood get transported out to the fire places, groups get synchronized and we get bookings for the different activities. When the market is here there is not much time for unforeseen things to happen. Everything shall be prepared.
Today (12 January) we have still places left on our dog sled tours.
What does the Jokkmokk Winter Market means for a small village as Jokkmokk?
I personally am convinced that it helps the inhabitants of Jokkmokk to get an open mind for visitors. Through all times it has given us connections in all of Sweden and into the whole world and makes the inhabitants of Jokkmokk open for different cultures.

From an economical view, I think it brings some dollar to a municipality that stands on the edge of bankrupts. But, a lot of the money that change pockets on the market disappears with the market stall sellers out from Jokkmokk.
So, to all of you visitors! Don’t forget to look for what our local sellers have to offer!
Welcome to Jokkmokk, and thank you for making the Jokkmokk Winter Market to the very nice and unique meeting place as it is and has been in more than 400 years!

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