New Years Eve in Lapland
Working Husky John and Fugitives Cicci is leading one of the dog team.

I (Matti) spend my New Years Eve celebration together with Sten and a group nice Frenchmen and French women, the family Abiteboul-Rouzier.
So how do you spend a New Years Eve with a French group? The answer is easy, Champagne!
New Years Eve was only one of four days on this tour.
The first day when we started from our kennel the thermometer showed -34°C. We spent the first night in a tipi tent with a wood heated stove and the other two nights was spent in a cosy timber hut 40 km west from Jokkmokk.
We went dogsledding, made lunch over open fire and enjoyed the nature and the moon light that were so bright that we saw shades on the snow from everything from trees to the dogs.
We were two guides on this tour, me and Sten and his huskies, so we had a mix of dogs from two different kennels.

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