Into the wild the last days of 2009!
We could see the big moon also in daylight.

The last days of 2009 became bitter cold but very beautiful.
I (Stina) together with Heike and Monika from Switzerland spend the last 4 days (28-31 Dec.) of the year with dog sled in the forests of Jokkmokk. We spend the first night on reindeer skins in a tent tipi heated with a wood stove. Outside the tipi the temperature went down to -25°C during the night.
The next morning we woke up by 7 o’clock and after breakfast and taking care of the dogs we packed the sleds and went over frozen lakes and marsh areas and through dense spruce forests. In the late afternoon we arrived to the Kittja-hut. We settled down in this nice timber hut and made fire in the stove. The temperature kept on falling. With the full moon and the dark blue sky full of stars we got a beautiful evening and in the cabin it was nice and warm by the crackling fire in the stove.
The next day we made a day tour in -35°C. It was a bit chilly on the cheeks but the light and the sky shimmering in pink colours makes you forget the cold and with the snow glittering in the snow-covered trees it was like we where travelling in a fairy-tail book. The big round moon was up on the sky also in the daylight.
New Years Ewe was our last day together and we packed the sleds and travelled the 33 km back to our husky kennel.
During these days we saw 4 elks/moose and along our trails we had lots of fresh tracks from both reindeers and moose.
Thank you Heike and Monika for a lovely end of the year!
Happy New Year to you all of you!

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