Single in Salto 2011
Vy över Langas, Stora Luleälvdal.

During the last couple of years me and Janne Axelsson from Inspirationsguiderna have been hired as guides for the arrangement called Single in Salto.
During the week we make different day tours with Saltoluokta Mountain Station as a base where we spend the nights and eat tasty three course dinners every evening. This year we were really lucky with the weather and didn’t have to use our rain clothes at all. We had 12 very nice participants in the group.
Many people falsely think that Single in Salto is a kind of dating week which is not true.
Of course people sometimes find love here, but I think it happens just as often on other kind of tours.
Single in Salto is a week for people who don’t have any to travel within their acquaintanceship with the same interests but still want to have company. It’s also perfect for you who like to do day tours in beautiful surroundings with the service and comfort of having a mountain station as a base.
If you are interested in participating next summer contact Saltoluokta Mountain Station.
I hope to get the honor to be guide on Single in Salto also next year.
/ Matti

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