Mountain hike with students
The view over the forests, mountains and delta.

Every summer we and Uppsala International Summer Session (UISS) arrange a shorter mountain hike for their students who studies Swedish.
We started the tour in Kvikkjokk with boat over the river Kamajok.. Our captain Björn told us about how the sudden and violent snow melting this spring affected the river. After the boat trip we made a shorter walk up to Vallevare where we set camp. The next day we got terrible weather with thunderstorm, thick fog, rain and even more rain. The low clouds and the fog forced us to stay in the camp the whole day. So, the most of the day was spent in our tents where we slept, drank tea, ate and slept even more. It felt that we had lightning and thunder from all directions except from underneath. We were lucky that we chose the spot for our camp protected by a small hill.
The third and last day we were lucky to get good weather and we got a nice hike down to Kvikkjokk. Back in Kvikkjokk the students catch the bus down to Jokkmokk and hot showers and a dinner of moose (elk) meat and potatoes awaited at Skabram camping
/ Matti

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