Hiking along the Kings Trail, Abisko to Nikkaluokta
A double rainbow, one of natures phenomenon.

Kungsleden (the Kings Trail) is a summer and winter trail going from Abisko in the north to Hemavan in the south, almost 430 km long. This is one of Swedens most well known hiking trails and this year it’s among the finalists at Trip Global Award for one of the best experiences in Sweden.
In the beginning of the 1900s the Swedish Tourists Association started to mark the trail and intention was to make the King of all trails and it should go through the most beautiful areas in the Swedish mountains, therefore the name Kungsleden (the Kings Trail).
The most hiked and very polular distance are between Abisko and Nikkaluokta.
I have travelled here many times with the dogs when I have been transporting luggage for skiers, but I have never experienced it in summertime.
In June we were contacted by the Swedish Tourists Association and asked if we could guide one of their groups and I accepted.
We were a small group with only 6 persons including me. I like small groups, it’s only making it more personally and you have the chance to really get to know each other. All the nights were spent in the nice mountain huts along the trail.
I really enjoyed the tour and it was so nice to se this area in summer colors, lots of flowers and all the glittering waters which are covered of thick ice in wintertime. The nature showed herself from her best side and we got great weather. We had one day of rain but it was wonderful anyway.
Thank you Christina, Florence, Martin, Mattias and Tonje for a great week.

I recommend Kungsleden and if you want to experience it in wintertime driving your own dog team, many of our dog sledding tours go along parts of the trail.
If you want to travel in the north most parts and in one of Sweden’s most high alpine areas I recommend the tours The Northern Kings Trail with huskies and Sled dog adventure through Sjaunja and Kebnekaise.


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