Movie from the Wildlife Expedition in Sarek National Park
wildlife expedition movie

Sarek National Park is the oldest National Park in Europe and here you will find the largest moose (elk) in Europe. Hunting has been banned in Sarek for a long time and therefore the moose have the chance to grow really big and they do not become so shy to humans.
These are some of the reasons why we chose to do a Wildlife Expedition in the National Park in the valley called Rapadalen which is one of the most dramatic parts of Sarek.
We have two departures, one in August and one is as late into September as possible when the moose have their rutting season and fall changes into early winter. Sometimes it gets tough weather-wise, but the chances of real close contact with moose and seeing the northern lights are great at this time.
This is a real adventure you will soon forget and a journey you do not want to be without…

Here is a movie we’ve made from last year’s Wildlife Expedition in Sarek National Park in end of September 2020.

Enjoy! Matti & Stina


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