Canoeing and kayaking in Swedish Lapland
Stina vid lägerelden under en kanottur i Svenska Lappland

To paddle along one of the many waterways in Swedish Lapland is maybe the best way to experience a summer in Lapland.
Silently drift in a canoe or kayak, get rid of the heavy backpacks, pack a bottle of wine and a delicious steak. Set your camp on a small cape where the wind blow away the mosquitoes and see how the midnight sun paint the landscape in warm shades.

Around Jokkmokk we have all kinds of paddle waters suitable for short day trips up to weeklong expeditions.
Take a look at the canoe routes we recommend.
The paddling route along the upper Small Lule river is suitable for you who like to go canoeing/kayaking on a longer tour.
The canoe route in the Pearl river nature reserve are for those who look for desolate wilderness without other people.
The lake Skabram very close to Jokkmokk is outstanding for shorter tours.

From us you can rent canoes, kayaks, tents and stoves and we help you with transports to and from the paddling routes.
Our Canoe Central is situated only 3 km outside Jokkmokk.

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We are a small company based at the Arctic Circle which delivers outstanding wilderness travel experiences during summer and winter.


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