Summer has arrived to the land of the north. The midnight sun doesn’t go below the horizon during night and it’s hard to motivate yourself to go to sleep. The dog sledges and winter clothes have been replaced by canoes and hiking boots. The first canoe tour for the season was carried out at the

Summer 2016 is over and we can summarize several nice mountain hiking tours. For we have had the privilege to guide walks widely from Abisko National Park in the north through Kebnekaise and down towards Saltoluokta and Kvikkjokk in Sarek National Park’s outskirts. We have also had many canoe groups along our waterways this summer.

After a successful winter season with many nice guests from all over the world joining our dog sled tours we are now looking forward to the summer adventures ahead of us. Soon we will dip the paddle for a first stroke in the lake and nature will explode of life under the midnight sun. Join

Paddle tours in Swedish Lapland just seems to get more and more popular. Our canoes and kayaks are often out on tours in the area. We see people go out full of expectation and we meet them happily relaxed after a few days in the wilderness. This summer we’ve bought some new kayaks to our

The summer seems to have finally arrived to Lapland and Jokkmokk. The midnight sun is shining 24 hours and it’s hard to go to sleep because of the beauty of nature. Our canoes and kayaks are ready to take you out to explore our wonderful surroundings. Experience the peacefulness of silently drifting along a lake

To paddle along one of the many waterways in Swedish Lapland is maybe the best way to experience a summer in Lapland. Silently drift in a canoe or kayak, get rid of the heavy backpacks, pack a bottle of wine and a delicious steak. Set your camp on a small cape where the wind blow

Some days ago we got an inquiry from a guest at the hotel if we could arrange a safari for only her. So, together with her we planned for a 3 days kayaking tour in the Pärlälvens (Pearl river) Nature Reserve and a 3 days hiking tour in Padjelanta National Park. The best of Lapland