The rain is pouring down in Jokkmokk and we are longing for the white clear winter days. The huskies has been in training already since the beginning of August and are just as happily excited and eager each new training run regardless of the weather. We sit wet and muddy on the quads and dream

Under de senaste åren har vi färdats mycket med våra hundar i området öster om Sareks Nationalpark. Här följer man en bit av Kungsleden och får en kombination av Svenska Turistföreningens bekväma stugor och det som ofta kallas Europas sista vildmark. De gamla fjällnära skogarna kombineras med Sareks höga och vassa fjäll. Ett område som

The autumn is here and soon the first thin ice will be covering the lakes and the first snowflake will fall from the sky. The autumn is the time for getting the huskies fit for the winter and planning and preparing for the coming season. We have picked out some photos from the dog sled

During some days in February 2009 Hilldebrand Breuker followed us on a three day photo safari. The target was Tarravalley west from Kvikkjokk. During 2011 Hilldebrand will try to arrange a photo safari together with us here in Jokkmokk. Photo safari in Tarravalley 2009 Three days photo safari with Hillebrand Breuker in mountains west from

For a couple of days we travelled with dog sleds in the forests of Lapland. We lived a simple life with nights in a tent tipi and one night only with the moon and the stars as a roof. We got some great days in good company in the snow covered forests of Jokkmokk. On

Sunday morning. With a loaded car we drove west to Kvikkjokk. The road was lined by elks and reindeers. The tour is a photo safari with Hillebrand. Read Hillebrands blog from Swedish Lapland or look at his photo website. From Kvikkjokk we drove with the dogs to Tarrakaise cabin where “Tarra”-Ola was host as usual.