Elin and Tove, both from Sweden arrived to Saltoluokta Mountain Station. Elin was here last year to and followed us on the “Northern Kings trail” tour that goes from Saltoluokta up to Abisko. Tove has been with us on three different tours before and has also been on two husky tours with other companies. This

Already during our first dinner together the level of topics was set. Wild discussions on a high level. During this tour as many others the conversations hovered from politics, ethics, nature, culture, careers and the whole spectra down to so low jokes that I had to stand on my knees to understand. I off cause

This tour started with a three course dinner in Saltoluokta´s cosy restaurant. Booked on the tour was Nikolas (France), Ralf (Germany), Peter & Lotta (Sweden), Reinout (Netherlands) and Stina and me. We travelled along the Kings Trail south from Saltoluokta and down towards Kvikkjokk. We drove in the outskirts of the extensive world heritage Laponia.