Jokkmokk Market 2021 Cancelled

Jokkmokk Market 2021 is cancelled. This is a historic decision and has never before taken place during Jokkmokk’s winter market over 400 years of tradition. We fully support the decision, even if it will affect us financially.
The risks of a marketplace where 40 000 – 80 000 gathers in a place where 3 000 inhabitants normally live are not compatible with the directives issued by the Swedish Public Health Authority during the current Corona pandemic and, the risk that Jokkmokk would get a large spread of infection during the market week is almost guaranteed. We who live here in Jokkmokk know that every year many people become ill with seasonal flu a few days after the market. Should a small place like Jokkmokk get a large cluster spread of Covid-19, then we will get a totally unsustainable situation.

Not getting too much visitor pressure on our society is actually something that we, Jokkmokkguiderna, to a large extent always work for. The impact from the visitor’s stay here must have as little negative impact as possible on culture and people as well as on nature and the environment.
It is still with open arms that we and Jokkmokk welcomes receiving visitors. We cannot speak for exactly everyone in Jokkmokk but from what we hear, many are very positive to you who choose to travel here. What we want, however, is for you to be a little more spread out over the year. Then we together will be able to keep society much more covid-safe. Additionally, you will experience Jokkmokk as it really is and to experience the community as it is any other day of the year.

This winter we will continue with our dog sled tours in a fairly unchanged way, with very small groups far out in the woods or in the mountains. We may make some changes so that we will meet as few other people as possible during our tours, and thereby reduce the risk that we in the group will be infected from outside.

Tourism is an important part of the livelihood in Jokkmokk and we really need you as a visitor.
For more information and updates about the market, visit Jokkmokk’s Market official website.

Stina & Matti

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