Dog sledding is a winter sport…so it should be cold! It’s just to except the cold and try to dress well so you don’t freeze. Despite all hi-tech clothing materials we have today there is only one winner that has worked through the history. We call it WOOL. Wool keeps it warming abilities even if

In Jokkmokk we have a very special person! Her name is Cecilia Lundin and she runs the company ”Illua”. Year after year she build igloo after igloo with a passion that few people possess despite that they melt down every summer. The Igloo village is located a few kilometres west from Jokkmokk and you can

The Polar Circle, the northern lights, dogsledding, Sami culture and the nature here in Lapland are 5 reasons why people dream about a journey to us in the north. Alfred and Karin from the German travel agency “Natour & Kultour, are a link between us and many guests. Since 3 years they have offered people

The ”Ingen Grenser” puppies are growing. In the end of august this year where we and the dogs in a film job for the Norwegian television company NRK. (The Norwegian edition of “No boundaries”.) In an unguarded moment during a lunch break John managed to get loose from his collar and ran happily over to

This is not a school where you have to go through a registration procedure. The technique of studying is as easy as it is effective for most of us. You learn by your mistakes or as it say in the curriculum: “If the head is stupid the body has to suffer”. Today’s lesson: If you

All adventures don’t have to take place in the woods or up on the mountains. For us could things be greater adventures than a little snow storm as for example that you now can find us in the socialising crowd in cyber space on facebook. Another “office adventure” is that we have started a cooperation

After several month of searching we have finally found a new dog food that will be suitable for our dogs and our philosophy. We have chosen to not relinquish our demands on the quality of the food to save a coin or two. We have search the whole dog food market and after hours in

Today we made big investments! We were up in Kiruna to Göran and Sven at Oinakka. There sleds are built and it talks about sleds and sleds are for sale… We drank coffee and loaded four new heightened toboggans (Oinakka Marathon) on the roof of our car. They also put together a brake and a

The beginning of this winter gave us really good ices, thanks to low temperatures and no snow. The nightmare is the opposite. Thin ice and lots of snow early in the winter. Then the weight from the snow will push the ice in to the water which results in corroded ice and that makes the

The summer heat and midnight sun are here. It’s realy hard to motivate yourself to go to sleep when the nature sparkle of life and energy. The canoes lays down by the lake and just waiting to be paddled, the hiking boots wants to stay muddy and the mountain bike will never stop rolling. The