We drove north to Kiruna to pick up 7 dog sledges where they had been on repair and got some parts exchanged. It’s always nice to visit Göran Larsson who builds the Oinakka sleds, or to be more correct he IS Mr. Oinakka dogsled himself! We are not sponsored by Oinakka but use these sledges

During two very intense weeks Volker and me (Matti) from Jokkmokk has been on a course by the Wilderness Medicine Institute of NOLS. The host of the Wilderness First Responder course in Sweden is Crossing Latitudes. This is the next step after “the Wilderness First Aid course that both Stina and me made in Jokkmokk

Many of our guests choose the more environmental friendly way to travel and come with the night train from Stockholm to Lapland. The train company SJ that run the Stockholm – Jokkmokk stretch is now introducing a new travel term guarantee by delay on the train. If the train get 1 hour delayed they give

Finally we can present a new page on the web site about our Siberian huskies. The sled dogs are the centre of our business, both when it comes to our income, our time and the most important is that they take the largest place in our hearts. The name of the kennel is Working Husky

Laponia got the inscription as a world heritage by UNESCO in 1996. It’s the only world heritage in Scandinavia that fulfills the criteria for both cultural and natural importance and is one of 25 in the whole world. Laponia is a big nature area of 9 400 km² including Sarek, Padjelanta, Muddus and Stora Sjöfallet

The list of things that can happen out in the forests and mountains can be many, fractures, heart attack, diarrhea, hypothermia (cold injuries) etc. WMI of NOLS (Wilderness Medicine Institute of National Outdoor Leadership School) provides educations for us who most of the time work where the nearest help from a rescue team is one

A couple of days ago the phone rang and I was invited to talk in radio about tourism and protection of nature. Together with the Municipal Chief Executive Anders Nygård I got the opportunity to talk live in radio about our view of tourism in protected areas. You can listen to the interview on the

Now both we and the huskies try to settle down back at our home in Jokkmokk. The end of the winter season became very “interesting” this year. It was a lot of snow and the temperatures stayed cool for a long time without any indications of spring/summer. Then it happened and the heat came very

To work as a mountain guide means that you have a big responsibility for a group’s safety in a sometimes extreme environment. The demands on certified guides increase constantly not only from customers but also from consumer associations. We have now got a so-called Mountain guide standards (Fjällledarnorm in Swedish) that is a guideline for

We have got two groups cancelled because of the ash clouds from the volcano on Island. Unbelievable such a chaos nature can cause in our sensitive world. In Sweden the media are talking about how the big air companies could get compensation for their economic losses. Nobody is talking about how much we small tourist