Kungsleden (the Kings Trail) is a summer and winter trail going from Abisko in the north to Hemavan in the south, almost 430 km long. This is one of Swedens most well known hiking trails and this year it’s among the finalists at Trip Global Award for one of the best experiences in Sweden. In

Every year the Saltoluokta Mountain lodge arranges a weeks program called Single in Salto. The mountain station is our base during the week with day tours in the surrounding area. Flora tours, hiking to the summit of Lulep Gierkau, cruising with M/S Langas to Stora Sjöfallet and a daytrip to Acke and Siv Kuoljok at

The list of things that can happen out in the forests and mountains can be many, fractures, heart attack, diarrhea, hypothermia (cold injuries) etc. WMI of NOLS (Wilderness Medicine Institute of National Outdoor Leadership School) provides educations for us who most of the time work where the nearest help from a rescue team is one

To work as a mountain guide means that you have a big responsibility for a group’s safety in a sometimes extreme environment. The demands on certified guides increase constantly not only from customers but also from consumer associations. We have now got a so-called Mountain guide standards (Fjällledarnorm in Swedish) that is a guideline for

The summer heat and midnight sun are here. It’s realy hard to motivate yourself to go to sleep when the nature sparkle of life and energy. The canoes lays down by the lake and just waiting to be paddled, the hiking boots wants to stay muddy and the mountain bike will never stop rolling. The