Every year we arrange an annual short mountain hike for the students at Uppsala International Summer Session (UISS). UISS offers summer courses for people from all over the world. During some intense weeks the students study the Swedish language. The students also get the opportunity to participate in different outings, and the hiking tour in

During the last couple of years me and Janne Axelsson from Inspirationsguiderna have been hired as guides for the arrangement called Single in Salto. During the week we make different day tours with Saltoluokta Mountain Station as a base where we spend the nights and eat tasty three course dinners every evening. This year we

To paddle along one of the many waterways in Swedish Lapland is maybe the best way to experience a summer in Lapland. Silently drift in a canoe or kayak, get rid of the heavy backpacks, pack a bottle of wine and a delicious steak. Set your camp on a small cape where the wind blow

Our hiking tour starts when the helicopter takes off from Kvikkjokk and flies west along the Tarravalley and the south part of Padjelanta trail. Underneath us runs the Tarrarivers water like a winding snake. Closer to Staloluokta we can see an elk grazing out on a bog. With me are Marianne and Roland who were

During three days have Stina and I together with our two Border Collies been hiking in the mountains of Kvikkjokk. The main reason for the hike was to be out in the nature but we have been very diligent with the cameras and we have got some really good pictures and movie clip. One of

During one afternoon we trained our colleague Volker Husmann to drive dog sledge in a new style. The dog sleds from Oinakka are now officially tested on water with good results. We have earlier tested the Oinakka sleds on bare ground and of cause also on snow, and we must say that this is versatile

After Matti’s and Ruth’s kayak adventure it was my time to show her our beautiful mountains. On Sunday we took the car to Kvikkjokk to make a 3 day hiking tour in one our fantastic National Parks, Padjelanta. Since Ruth didn’t have so much time we flew helicopter with Lapplandsflyg from Kvikkjokk in to Staloluokta

Some days ago we got an inquiry from a guest at the hotel if we could arrange a safari for only her. So, together with her we planned for a 3 days kayaking tour in the Pärlälvens (Pearl river) Nature Reserve and a 3 days hiking tour in Padjelanta National Park. The best of Lapland

Every summer we and Uppsala International Summer Session (UISS) arrange a shorter mountain hike for their students who studies Swedish. We started the tour in Kvikkjokk with boat over the river Kamajok.. Our captain Björn told us about how the sudden and violent snow melting this spring affected the river. After the boat trip we

Kungsleden (the Kings Trail) is a summer and winter trail going from Abisko in the north to Hemavan in the south, almost 430 km long. This is one of Swedens most well known hiking trails and this year it’s among the finalists at Trip Global Award for one of the best experiences in Sweden. In