Here is a short movie from our kennel. Today we have 42 Siberian Huskies in the kennel and a litter of puppies will be born in October. Every day we let all the huskies free run in the big playground where they play around and socialize with each other under supervision from us. Training in

A nice summer is coming to an end and in a few months winter is here with crystal white snow, crisp air and northern lights dancing over the sky. Thinking about standing on the dog sled behind a happy and well trained dog team always makes us long for the dog sledding season. Since beginning

The autumn is here and the temperature dips. After the summer’s midnight sun has brighten up the nights it’s once again dark at night. Nature’s colors shift from the healthy green shades to vibrant yellow, orange and red. The other night we saw our first Northern lights / Aurora Borealis for this season. Winter is

Throughout history, people have always been amazed and fascinated by the green and red light dancing over the sky in the nights. In Latin it is called Aurora Borealis. We who live above the Arctic Circle see it once in a while. Even so we often stop and look up to enjoy the spectacular light

Jokkmokkguiderna is proud to be listed as one of Volvo Cross Country Travels Top 50 Scandinavian Adventures . Last winter a film crew from Volvo was here filming me and 8 of our huskies . Their plan was to film us dog sledding in Sarek National Park but they had very short time, just one

Now you find us at Youtube! We have lots of material that need to be cut and edited and we will publish more movies gradually as we get time. This movie is from a dog led tour in the Tarravalley 2009. During this tour the photographer Hillebrant took the photos in the gallery Photo safari

Under de senaste åren har vi färdats mycket med våra hundar i området öster om Sareks Nationalpark. Här följer man en bit av Kungsleden och får en kombination av Svenska Turistföreningens bekväma stugor och det som ofta kallas Europas sista vildmark. De gamla fjällnära skogarna kombineras med Sareks höga och vassa fjäll. Ett område som

We drove north to Kiruna to pick up 7 dog sledges where they had been on repair and got some parts exchanged. It’s always nice to visit Göran Larsson who builds the Oinakka sleds, or to be more correct he IS Mr. Oinakka dogsled himself! We are not sponsored by Oinakka but use these sledges

During two very intense weeks Volker and me (Matti) from Jokkmokk has been on a course by the Wilderness Medicine Institute of NOLS. The host of the Wilderness First Responder course in Sweden is Crossing Latitudes. This is the next step after “the Wilderness First Aid course that both Stina and me made in Jokkmokk

Many of our guests choose the more environmental friendly way to travel and come with the night train from Stockholm to Lapland. The train company SJ that run the Stockholm – Jokkmokk stretch is now introducing a new travel term guarantee by delay on the train. If the train get 1 hour delayed they give