Another summer passed with many nice tours here in Swedish Lapland. We have trekked along the King’s Trail, canoeing in the Pearl River nature reserve, crossed Sarek National park by foot, travelled along the paths in the forests of Muddus National park, seen the great Sarek moose in the valley Rapadalen and much more. Many

In the end of September, we head in to the valley of Rapadalen in Sarek National Park. Join this 7-days Wildlife Expedition in search of Bears, Lynx, Wolverines and last but not least the largest Moose bulls in Scandinavia, 18-24 September. Some of the highlights: ● Helicopter drop into Europe´s most remote wilderness ● Hike

Summer has arrived to the land of the north. The midnight sun doesn’t go below the horizon during night and it’s hard to motivate yourself to go to sleep. The dog sledges and winter clothes have been replaced by canoes and hiking boots. The first canoe tour for the season was carried out at the

Summer 2016 is over and we can summarize several nice mountain hiking tours. For we have had the privilege to guide walks widely from Abisko National Park in the north through Kebnekaise and down towards Saltoluokta and Kvikkjokk in Sarek National Park’s outskirts. We have also had many canoe groups along our waterways this summer.

After a successful winter season with many nice guests from all over the world joining our dog sled tours we are now looking forward to the summer adventures ahead of us. Soon we will dip the paddle for a first stroke in the lake and nature will explode of life under the midnight sun. Join

Experience the autumn in the valley of Rapadalen in Sarek National Park. A 6-day wildlife expedition in search of Bears, Lynx, Wolverines and the largest Moose bulls in Scandinavia. Sarek National Park is the most remote wilderness area in Europe. No roads, no trails, no cabins, just pure nature. ● Helicopter drop into Europe´s most

This week I have guided a group hiking along the northern Kings Trail, Kungsleden. Sometimes we are hired as guides by the Swedish Tourist Association for their groups. We started in Abisko and walked south along the Kings Trail down to Nikkaluokta. Pretty nice weather, beautiful fall colors, a nice group of 10 participants and

Another great hiking week has passed. With Saltoluokta Mountain Station as my employer and starting point me and a group from Finland made a hiking tour south along the Kings trail. The autumn colors are here and the mountains starts to blaze in orange, red and yellow. The mosquitoes are gone and the morning mists

Every year we arrange an annual short mountain hike for the students at Uppsala International Summer Session (UISS). UISS offers summer courses for people from all over the world. During some intense weeks the students study the Swedish language. The students also get the opportunity to participate in different outings, and the hiking tour in

During the last couple of years me and Janne Axelsson from Inspirationsguiderna have been hired as guides for the arrangement called Single in Salto. During the week we make different day tours with Saltoluokta Mountain Station as a base where we spend the nights and eat tasty three course dinners every evening. This year we